Sexual Assault Is All Around Society

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Sexual assault is all around society. It is constantly on TV, news reports, and social media feeds. It has become greater every year, and it needs to be stopped. Rape Culture now is making it alright for men to use sexual violence and blame the women for it. Someone 's right to make their own decision can be taken from them at any given moment. Some Universities are rarely handling these situations, but most of them are not handling it at all. They are not getting the cops involved, or victims are having a difficult time coming forward. Many would say Universities need to step in and work on expressing campus safety to their students; however, many rapes may not even be on campus. Some think Universities should not have any involvement with sexual assault cases. In the article, “Are 20 Percent of Women Sexually Assaulted before They Graduate College?” by Steve Contorno, he summarizes Joe Biden’s speech on sexual assault, “Biden specified that one in five women report experiencing a sexual assault before graduating” (Contorno). That means that only 20% of college women who experience sexual assault report their attacks. That number should be a huge eye opener. One out of five victims do not report their attack. That is four victims that try to hide from the fact that their assault did happen. 80 percent of victims will not come forward with their attack. Many victims do not want to relive their assault, they only want to move on with their lives and forget that it happened
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