Sexual Assault Is An Ongoing Issue For A Long Period Of Time Essay

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Sexual assault has been an ongoing issue for a long period of time. In modern day society, rape incidents are more prominent in campus universities, especially in fraternities. It is noted that in frat houses, pressuring someone to engage in sexual activities is a part of the norm. Patricia Martin and Robert Hummer conducted an analysis regarding the sociological correlation between fraternities and rape on campus. The research analyzed the group and organizational practices and conditions, and how it correlated to the abusive social context of women founded in fraternities. It primarily focused on the relation between hyper-masculinity and fraternity men who have wealthy backgrounds. Hyper-masculinity being the exaggeration of the stereotypical man, where one is expected to be strong, wealthy, unemotional, dominant, athletic, competitive, winning, have sexual prowess, and willing to drink alcohol (Martin and Hummer, 460). This standard can affect young men and pressure them into becoming this model of the ideal man. Because the fraternities being researched were mainly ones with high reputation and wealth, the experiment centered on privileged men and the subliminal expectations that come with it. For example, a fraternity’s reputation and status are dependent on a member’s possession of the standard of what a man is supposed to be like (Martin and Hummer, 461). These individuals are unconsciously pressured by society to go against their own believes, in order to protect
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