Sexual Assault Is Becoming A Big Problem On College Campuses

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Every high school senior knows the amazing feeling of receiving that big envelope in the mail containing their acceptance letter to the school of their dreams. They’re filled with happiness and excitement, knowing that they are going to have the best four years of their lives at college. Never in a million years would a student expect their college experience to turn into a nightmare. Never would they have thought that their campus would not be safe enough to walk around alone at night without carrying their keys in between their fingers like knives. A student goes to school to learn, not to get assaulted or raped. Sexual assault is becoming a big problem on college campuses, and school officials are under reporting and trying to cover up the assaults because there are perverse economic and reputational incentives to hide those numbers.
Being a freshman at a college, it is normal to feel nervous about being in a new environment. It becomes abnormal when you fear for your life during the first few weeks as a freshman. The most vulnerable age group for sexual assault is college students. For incoming freshman, the first six weeks of college are considered the “red-zone” for rape. This is because freshman often aren’t accustomed to their surroundings or do not know how to look out for themselves. According to the Princeton Sexual Experience Study, more than 16 percent, 1 out of 4, women are raped or sexually assaulted during their college career. So many young students are

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