Sexual Assault : Is Not Only A Disease?

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Most people don’t want to talk about sexual assault. They may see it as a horrible topic that should be kept in the dark, or something that isn’t allowed to be discussed at the dinner table. What most people don’t know, is that anyone, anywhere in the world can be assaulted sexually whether they are disabled or not. This crime doesn’t discriminate against gender, age, race, or even sexuality like some do. That’s not saying that some predators don 't prefer a certain type by any means, but generally it doesn’t discriminate. Statistically proven there are more people who are disabled that are sexually assaulted than people who aren’t disabled in anyway shape or form. A person that is disabled could be impaired in their vision, hearing, movement, thinking, communicating, remembering, and so on. Since ALS is not only a disease, but also causes the victim to lose the ability to move, and they have a hard time communicating with people because they develop a shortness of breath, an ALS patient is classified as disabled, which means that they have a higher chance of being sexually assaulted. This can be seen in fully examining sexual assault, it’s statistics and the effect that it has on the victim; disability and why it’s more common within sexually assaulted victims; and how ALS ties into both of them. To begin with, sexual assault is a term that people don’t necessarily know entirely what it means because it varies from state to state. “Sexual assault is a crime of

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