Sexual Assault Occurs On Every College Campus

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Sexual assault occurs on every college campus. Surveys from campuses across the nation could be used to try and challenge this claim, because within them, many universities reported of having zero cases of sexual assault; however, most schools can claim this small number only because they hide any reports of sexual assault. Why is it that an institution would hide an act that harmed one of its own students? A huge reason is that the perpetrator of the crime is mostly always one of the school’s own students as well. Being known as a school that admits and educates rapists will ruin a school’s reputation, and reputation is the primary aspect that a school prides itself on. Having sufficient funds is a huge component that helps to build a school’s reputation. If a school is lacking financially, it will not be able to provide quality educators, activities, and resources for its students. This will then cause a decrease in the number of students matriculating to the said school, which in turn, will lead to fewer people paying tuition. A destructive cycle is thus formed. For that matter, it is important that a school has means of making money. One way of doing this is by forming a firm donor pool from the school’s alumni. Another way is through athletics. If a school can build up a few strong teams, it can strive. Athletics can earn the school an abundance of money, especially if the team is successful. It also brings publicity to the school along with rallying fans from both
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