Sexual Assault Policies Essay

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Many universities across the United States have reformed their sexual assault policies. Their new policies provide a clear understanding as to what qualifies as sexual assault. Opponents claimed that affirmative consent policies are impractical and ineffective (“Sexual Assault”). For consenting couples, anxiety over meeting the new standard will make sex joyless and add confusion and complications (“Sexual Assault”). On the other hand, supporters argued that “no means no” did not cover all possible sexual assault scenarios (“Sexual Assault”). Therefore, states adopted a “yes means yes” policy (“Sexual Assault”). California’s efforts marked the first time this policy was codified by a law (“Sexual Assault”). The legislation requires colleges…show more content…
Colleges and universities often do not execute strict punishments when it comes to sexual assault on campus. The police, prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges, and juries do not always view date rape as a serious offense (Neumann). Until government officials consider rape a significant violation when compared to other major crimes, colleges and universities will not establish sterner punishments for rapists. Colleges and universities also tend to diminish their punishments for the “star” athletes at the school. One study concluded that while athletes constitute 3.3% of the college population, they perpetrate 19% of all sexual assaults on campus (Ajo). Although male athletes commit multiple sexual assault crimes on campus, they are punished leniently. Researchers contend that when sexual assault crimes are committed by athletes, society fails to label the act a crime and does not impose harsh sanctions (Ajo). In fact, many boosters come to the defense of the team they so love (Ajo). In order to discourage college students from committing sexual assault crimes, harsher punishments need to be set in place. If the consequences for students’ actions intensified, the number of sexual assault cases executed on college campuses would decrease. Rape needs to be considered a serious offense in order for victims of sexual assault cases to attain
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