Sexual Assault Research Studies

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The intention of this study was to gather data to get a better understanding of the percentage of individuals that have experienced sexual assault within a certain age range. Data was retrieved from the National Crime Victimization Survey. Sexual assault among college females was compared to race, college education, ages (18-24), gender, and age. The obtained data was analyzed using SPSS using descriptive, bivariate, and multivariate methods. Results showed that females that are between the ages of 18-24 have a higher chance of becoming assaulted on college campuses. However African Americans have a lesser chance of being assaulted when compared to white students. Statistics were also higher for college students when compared to non -college…show more content…
Lack of reporting can be contributed to fear of continued assault, embarrassment, and lack of knowledge. Depletion of knowledge among college’s can lead to females being unsure of resources, which can be of growing concern. Due to this college campuses face legal and social problems due to being unknowledgeable about guidelines and policies. Aspects of legislation has been put forth to fundamentally address such issues, yet numerous campuses fail to be responsible for applicable resources. The research question for this study is; what are the contributing factors of sexual assault among college females? Fundamentally many aspects can contribute to assault but in this project I will concentrate on trends, possible explanations for underreporting and legal provisions that have been enforced. Of the research that was studied the main focuses are the affects of fraternities and alcohol, leading causes, reasons for not reporting, and the legal guidelines that have been put in place that are ignored by numerous college campuses.
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As stated by Abbey (2015) consumption of alcohol does not cause assault instead men consume alcohol as a means to an excuse for the act. In conjunction with alcohol is the concern for fraternities. Although there is limited research, and not all fraternities are bad, this area is of great alarm. Martin & Hummer (1989) blames this on the absence of the campus community, type of members and structure of the organization (p. 459). Combination of the two results in men, that contribute, taking overpowering advantage of college females. The alcohol is used as a dangerous weapon to take complete advantage, and fraternity men will use it to their advantage. In one occurrence, in the article fraternities and rape, a fraternity guy stated that they would use “hunch punch”,a high proof liquor and powdered kool- aid, to get girls drunk. In one instance while raping a girl he said that “she was so drunk that she could barely stand, so she didn’t know the difference.” (p. 465) This is alarming, and although not always it occurs often inside of fraternity housing. Acceptance and showing off are a few contributors to this type of activity due to “brothers” wanting to fit in and show off among individuals in the
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