Sexual Assault Survivors

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I was absolutely mortified by the administrators response to victims of sexual assault. I just couldn’t believe that they would rather uphold the prestige of a college campus than to do right by a victim of sexual assault. I honestly thought that administrators would be more supporting, it was really difficult to see how administrators are supposed to guide us in the right path but they spoke down to all the women that were rape survivors, it truly disgusted me. The structural issues that influenced the reactions survivors received were the issues from the administrators and even police officers, basically every institution where rape survivors are supposed to be able to turn to turned out to be a big let down to them. It’s terrible because sexual assault survivors don’t feel comfortable to turn to their own parents so they turn to powerful institutions like police officers and administrators but it was just a let down.
I think one way they held their schools accountable would be telling their experiences with the issue. If they weren’t there
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They don’t want their parents to look at them and think about her or his experience with sexual assault. I feel like its important for parents to establish the idea that every child can always count on their parent for support no matter how difficult the situation is. Parents should be more open about this topic, no matter how difficult or awkward it may be to discuss. I feel like if a parent watches to ask questions about sexual assault on the school where the child is applying to they can but how are we supposed to know what their saying is true. For example, for years universities have promoted their schools by saying their academic levels are high and that there is no violence or sexual assault on their campus, mean while we just learned that there is a lot of sexual assaults on campus but the survivors are just being
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