Sexual Attraction Essay

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It is possible that attraction between two people may be born out on a rickety bridge. It sounds scary; however, studies proved that men have higher levels of arousal (e.g. heart pounds fast) when they are exposed to dangerous situations. If they see a beautiful woman approaching, they tend to feel attracted her more quickly. This misconception is associated with a misattribution of arousal that means that people make the supposition of their emotions in everyday life. It happens because their emotional responses react to the stimulus. Perhaps, the contact with a beautiful stranger causes them to hide their fears. By doing that, they can look more confident, even though they are scared.
In 1970, two researchers, Arthur Aron and Donald Button conducted a correlational study. That study correlated the relationship between emotional arousal and sexual attraction. Their purpose was to demonstrate
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It was around nature in which the participants had access to two bridges. One of them was a rickety bridge that is located above the Capilano River, British Columbia in Canada. The second bridge was a solid one in which it was not any risk of occurring calamity. Both bridges were the strategy points to initiate the study. The study was divided into three experiments. In the first part of the experiment, the male participants were 85 participants in total. Each one of them needed to fulfill two formalities as conditions for the validity of the study. The age of the men was between 18 and 35 years old, and they did not have to have a female companion. They must be alone. Apart from them, there were a woman and man who made the connections. The mission of both especially of the woman was to stand up in the middle of the bridge and asked the men who passed by to help her with her psychological project. Most of the male participants were willing to help her. Even though they were at risk, they did not hesitate to be part of the
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