Sexual Behavior And Attitudes As Well As Power And Authority Within The Household Essay

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Approximately 18 years ago, I was the first born child to Lora Joiner-Garrett and Derall Garrett. Several years later, they were to have my brother and sister, Keiden Garrett who is now 16, and Jada Garrett who is now 15. Yet even before my parents ever met, our family dynamics were being formed by how they were raised in their own families, and how their parents’ parents raised them, and so on, for many generations. This analysis will focus on my family within the ideas of sexual behavior and attitudes as well as power and authority within the household, and how the development of social beliefs and how my parents childhoods may have influenced the way our immediate family runs, in comparison to the average American household. When it comes to sexuality, my family is very conservative. Over the years, I have learned never to bring it up in dinner conversations or on long road trips, because my parents have extremely different viewpoints than me. My parents heavily that sex is never to occur before marriage, and even more conservatively, they believe that the only way to find your significant other is through courting, going as far as to never being alone with your significant other and not having as much as a kiss until marriage. However, statistics show that only 3% of all Americans wait until marriage to have sex, which puts my parents in the minority (“Trends in Premarital Sex in the United States, 1954-2003"). They are very avid about their beliefs, and even when in the
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