Essay about Sexual Behavior

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Who would of ever thought that I would be writhing a paper on the negative consequences of having to much sex! Never the less its true sex can actually ruin ones life. Sex can become compulsive, Like most behaviors, sex can be taken to its obsessive & compulsive extremes. Sexual obsessions & compulsions are recurrent, distressing & interfere with daily functioning. Many people suffer with these problems but finding consensus about them among sexual scientists or treatment professionals is not easy. This makes it more difficult for those suffering from compulsive sexual behavior (CSB) to get the appropriate help they need. 2There are different types of (CSB) and there are various theoretical viewpoints & treatment approaches. While there…show more content…
The behavior, sexual urges, or fantasies cause clinically significant distress in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning. 1Some behaviors, such as sado-masochism (SNM) when they are consensual & do not impair life functioning are not considered a paraphilia because they do not meet all the diagnostic criteria. I can recall on occasions my ex-girlfriend and I would go to this (sex club) called exotic erotic bar when I live d in San Francisco. The club was named after the traditional annual Exotic Erotic Ball held every year around Halloween Day. We would go and se the acts that would be performed there and sometimes we would join in on stage. It was fun and we both enjoyed it but we didn't go all the time neither did we practice the (SNM) all the time in our private life.4 We recognized that you have to limit yourself sometimes to your sexual actions because they can really overcome you and most of all bore you. If you do all these thing to spice up your sex life all the
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