Sexual Boycotts, Documented During The Greek Empire And The Peloponnesian War

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Sex boycotts, documented during the Greek empire and the Peloponnesian war between Athens and Sparta, have been a traditional interesting non-violent method to resolve conflicts. The Australian aboriginals community also illustrated the sex boycott as a popular practice. Contemporary examples in Colombia in 2005 , in the Philippines and in Canada in 2012 confirmed the vulgarization of the “Lysistrata regime” to achieve social, political and economic goals. Also aimed to counteract several forms of patriarchal violence and oppression (physical, and/or psychological), sex strikes could be defined as “method of social non-cooperation” . Understanding these practises within our male supremacists society is meaningful. Conjointly,…show more content…
“If he is no good in bed, he cannot hunt” and therefore, secure the household. Again, as Chris Knight mentioned, “the relationship reciprocity which is the basis of marriage is not established between men and women, but between men by means of women” in which women had no active role to play. Gender inequalities therefore existed; women were often essentialized to perform passive roles and their expected duties. From this postulate, it seems that women especially from the case study following attempted to de-construct and re-appropriate these assumptions and prejudices. Wisely, they managed to generate a source of power directly from the source oppression. This reservoir of power has been the “gas” to organize and to use sex boycott as an alternative political tool. SEX STRIKES Sex strikes have a long history; the Lysistra comedy of Aristophanes probably refers to the earliest example of “sexual subversion” during the Peloponnesian War. This form of “traditional feminism” could be defined as a non-violent way to ostracize individuals perpetrating violence . It is aimed to achieve common goals, gender solidarity is a substantial variable and many researches often show that men are the targeted population . Sex boycott refers to a gendered “distinctive pattern of

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