Sexual Contience in Spiritual Purity Program

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That`s why, the prison authorities decided to put some “pure individuals” to a test.
One hundred convicts was moved in so-called “prison settlement” - former property of bancrupt timber company, in proximity of the correctional center. Within the zone, all prisoners were let independent as in an ordinary town. No one was informed about the existence of two-stage placement of nanoscale sensors in every inmate, however.
All nanosensors first stage were placed near to genital nervs to inform the wardens about any sexual activity. The nanosensors second stage perceived the signal of the first stage, and sent it to a nerv, passing through the pelvis on its way to the inner part of the thighs. Thus, every genital activity was intended to cause coincident stimulation in some leg muscles.
* * * * *
All prisoners were in high spirits in the end of the workday. All but one. Linda was alone in her room, trying to put her mind in order.
Once again, a man has broken her fragile tranquillity, a real man, in flesh and bones. His furtive glances woke up forgotten warmth in the heart for that years when she was miss Coleman, not prisoner number 56314. Not once and not twice, Linda was becoming aware that the only meaning of her acts is to provoke man`s attention with hope to experience, one more time, this immoral irresistible…
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