Sexual Crimes Committed Against Wsv Victims

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The public display of sexual crimes committed against WSV victims has yet another aspect to compound the consequences of their rape and captivity. The associated media articles, almost always very detailed in nature, arouse issues in regards to the cultural notions of honor. In honor-based societies, such as the Yezidi community and many communities in Nigeria, women and girls carry a heavy burden of upholding the honor of the family, clan and tribe. One way in which honor is lost is through sexual relations outside the context of a family-approved marriage, whether consensual or through rape. The injury of rape among women and girls in an honor based society, is often compounded by violence related to her loss of honor and therefore family status. Honor killings in the Yezidi community have occurred in the past (Hague et al, 2013) and the fear is that not only will girls and women who return from ISIS captivity have the psychological and physical problems associated with sexual assault, but will be shunned or even killed because they are in violation of their community’s cultural standards. Nigerian women and girls are also at risk for so called honor killings and face many of the shame consequences of public shaming and being ostracized from their family and communities following rape (Caprioli et al, 2009). As there are a number of varied issues converging to produce the situation which is to be researched, the review of literature was wide. Literature was reviewed

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