Sexual Desire And Gender Summary

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In the reading “Sexual Desire and Gender” by Pepper Schwartz and Virginia E. Rutter, it talks about three views on sexuality. These three views were biology, sociobiology and evolutionary psychology, and social constructionism. While all three plays a part in sexual desire and gender, each differed in the way it influence a person. The reading starts off with biology, the natural occurrence in which humans are deigned to respond to other humans. Biology plays a major role in sexuality, from how humans have sexual encounters with each other, to how the body responds to sexual arousal. All biological research on sex has in common is that not all choices are actually choices, but are dictated by the body. In the reading it states the biological explanations of sexual desire concentrate on the role of hormones, testosterone in men and estrogen in women. In men testosterone is the enabler in a man’s sexual arousal, but is not responsible for a man’s sexual taste, desires, or behavior might be. Estrogen, which is associated with the menstrual cycle, is known as the female hormone. Some biology evidence findings shows that sexual desire in women may be linked to the impact of hormones level changes during her reproductive cycle. William Master and Virginia Johnson, who studied the human sexual arousal system, focused on the body rather than the social and relationship in which sex occurs. In their findings they found there was a sexual difference between men and women in the timing of the excitement cycle. The difference is that male sexual physiology has a quicker trigger, while the female is built up over time.…show more content…
“Social constructionists believe that cues from the environment shape humans beings from the moment they enter the world. They conclude that sexual customs, values, and expectations of culture passed on to the young through teaching and by example exert a powerful
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