Sexual Deviancy and the Internet Essay examples

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History defines us. History is what makes changes to both norms of society and what is socially acceptable for any lifestyle. That being said, how does the internet and sexual deviancy play a role in our history and how has it changed through time? What is acceptable in the terms of sexual variation now from our past as a world and as a society? Times changes and so do viewpoints on what is sexually acceptable, however, some forms of sexual deviancy such as pedophilia will never be acceptable by any standards of human decency. Sexual deviancy is defined by Wikipedia as Paraphilia. This term is used to describe sexual objects or images that cause sexual arousal, Paraphilia “involves sexual arousal and gratification towards sexual…show more content…
Sexual acts historically were and sometimes still are, seen as private and sacred acts of sexual activity. Sexual activities such as copulation, oral and anal sex, was performed in the privacy of people’s home and no one was the wiser or at least they tended to never discuss this openly of how a baby came to be born, growing up I remember my parents always telling me the stork brought the baby. In prior times of history such as in the 1970’s to the 1980’s usually what happened in the home stayed in the home and was not really discussed or viewed as openly in social settings. Many times unfortunately, the sex acts went beyond that of love making and too many times instances of rape also went unreported or were never investigated and considered to be a private home issue to be dealt with by the family. However, as the internet has expanded and grown, those private moments of pleasure are now seen by everyone. “A socially proscribed and severely sanctioned behavior that was once relegated largely to secrecy among isolated individuals is now at the center of a cyber-community in which all manner of support is readily available.” (James F. Quinn, 2005) Meaning that all a person has to do anymore is type in anything they want into a web browser search engine and within seconds they have all the answers they need. Deviancy shows itself in several forms based upon what is seen as socially
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