Sexual Discrimination And Gender Discrimination

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Today, labor market is gradually opening and growing up. But during the course of my work, I find some companies usually present many requirements such as sex, age and study experience etc. In fact, every demand is a kind of employment discrimination. The sex discrimination of employment the female encounter is especially extrusive. At present, females of China more and more fall in a weak position in employment market.
So, what is gender discrimination? Gender discrimination, also known as sexual discrimination, is any action that specifically denies opportunities, privileges, or rewards to a person (or a group) because of gender. The practice of letting a person 's gender become a factor when deciding who receives a job or a promotion, is gender discrimination. In other words, sex or gender discrimination is treating individuals differently in their employment specifically because an individual is a woman or a man. If you have been rejected for employment, fired, or otherwise harmed in employment because of your sex or gender, then you may have suffered sex or gender discrimination.

According to the second phase of Chinese women 's social status survey data published in 2001, from the look, the gender income gap was widening between men and women; rural women and men by the large gap between the level of education. Participation of women in state and social affairs decision-making is still low. The existence of these phenomena have complex causes, but can…
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