Sexual Discrimination: Article Analysis

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This article explains sexual discrimination and its meaning. In this article, Jackson, a high school teacher and girl’s basketball coach, in Birmingham, Alabama, feels he was being discriminated against because he confronted school officials about unfair treatment to his team. When he became the girl's basketball coach, he noticed that the girl’s team was not getting properly taken care of as far as funding and equipment, like the boy’s team. After noticing, Jackson talked about his concerns to his school’s supervisors. He was unsuccessful, instead, he received negative work evaluations and was eventually fired or removed from being the girl’s coach. He felt as if his position was taken away in retaliation because of his complaint. He then brought a suit against the Birmingham Board of Education with the complaint of retaliation because he complained about the unequal teams, and that it was a violation of Title IX of the education amendments.…show more content…
His suit was later dismissed on the grounds of the actual Title IX. It states that no one should be discriminated on based on their sex, not retaliation. The district, the Eleventh Circuit, and the appeals court all concluded that this was a case of retaliation, not sexual discrimination. There was no Title IX violation. It was stated that Jackson’s case was not accepted because he was an “indirect victim of sexual discrimination.” Yes, the girl’s team was discriminated against, but he was no part of the team. He was just the coach. It was wrong of the school supervisors to terminate him of his position because he cared enough about his team to speak up about unfair treatment. Maybe if he would have filed a suit on different grounds, he would have had a much better
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