Sexual Discrimination Essay

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Sexual discrimination has been a rampant part of the society that traces its roots back to the mid-20th century and is very much prevalent to the society of the United States. This irrepressible outlook towards the difference of the two genders affected every known sector of the community, and it did not leave the field of media unaffected. This ideology paved the way for feminist writers, which are women who would like to be treated in the same way as their male counterparts are experiencing. These writers represented the women in the society and voiced out their grievances, which more often than not, biased to the female demography. As time goes by, the public become more rational in their attitude towards the women and thus, initiating…show more content…
This reporting has been initiated by women for a desire to attain equality in every aspect of the society, in politics, economy, and the like, but has gone through a wild twist as “radical feminists” desired to achieve superiority above men. These reporters believe that the women are capable of what the men can do, at the same time had the yearning to end oppression and harassment towards the female race. On the other hand, the reporters who practice gender-sensitivity lean towards a certain code where they are cautious of what they write about in their articles. They alter certain words to be objective in their way of reporting and at the same time, not look bias towards a certain gender class of our society. The knowledge of men’s superiority in the community is very prevalent that this gender-sensitive writers and reporters tend to settle down the dispute amid feminist ideologists and masculine thinkers, to who is better between male and female, and be neutral in their stand in relation to this topic through the way of how they deliver the news. It takes time to vigilantly watch the terminologies they use to not make an impression to both sexes that one is superior over the other and vice versa. These writers carefully choose their words in the headline, as well as the body of their news articles. The distinct difference between these two ideologies in reporting is that feminism is very much inclined towards the rights and desire of the women in
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