Sexual Discrimination Within Our Society Essay

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For decades, sex selection has been a controversial issue, choosing the sex of a child is viewed as a justifiable act since there is no harm done to anyone .I believe that gender selection creates balance in a family and culturally viewed as a desirable practice to fulfill social norms. However others ethicists believe that sex selection reinforce the idea of sexual discrimination within our societies (Caulfield & Brownsword, 2012).This explains why there are renewed efforts from civil societies and government to analyze arguments presented by different authors who either support or oppose sex selection.
This essay analyzes the meaning of human dignity from two different perspectives, the essay examines how human dignity is defined by our expression of choices and as an inherent value by the society. Based on a case study, the essay describes the social attitudes, norms and circumstance that influence such choices and their impact on our understanding of human dignity. The essay presents justifications of particular actions concerning sex selection and analyzes some of the features of human dignity that can be put at risk due to actions arising from these two perspectives mentioned therein above.
Perspective 1: The concept of human dignity
Human dignity is defined based on the belief that dignity is inherent; hence, human beings posses specific capabilities that are not found in other creatures. However, people define human dignity differently. Some people view human
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