Sexual Education Classes Should Be Taught

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What would you do if you or someone you knew found out they were pregnant or had a sexually transmitted disease because of unprotected sex? Would you only care once it’s too late? Wouldn’t you wish you could have prevented what you thought you were incapable of ever dealing with? Surprisingly to many, unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases can be preventable with the proper education. Sexual Education classes should be mandatorily taught in public schools to benefit the adolescents who are more susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases, who are sexually active, and who lack positive decision making skills.
“Educators feel apprehensive or unsure in tackling the topics of sex, sexuality, and sexual health. They feel very overawed about where to start or disorderly about what to teach and when to teach it.” ( However, the sex education classes are not for the teachers or the parents; but instead for the children. Adults should not hide behind the bias that states sexual education classes are inappropriate because the objective of the class is to prevent not promote.. Young people should obtain applicable health information to cultivate useful techniques for preserving a flourished lifestyle. Mentors have a duty to not only assist students, but families as well by providing ethical and wide-ranging information in secure and open-minded surroundings so that teenagers can absorb the concept of sexuality in a fit and positive setting.
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