Sexual Education Is An Invaluable Part Of The Public School Curriculum

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Parents are supposed to help guide their children through life, answer the multitude of questions they have with answers many learnt from personal experience. Parents have the ability to shine light on subjects that are sometimes difficult to discuss. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and in many instances a child would be left astray. That is, of course, if there was not a secondary source available full of the same wisdom a parent could provide. In particular, when it comes to sexual education, there are many adverse effects that could arise should that child never be given the thorough discussion that the topic surely needs. Sexual education is an invaluable part of the public school curriculum. I know this not only from my personal experience as a teen but also from the research confirming it’s positive effects on teen pregnancy.
In my personal experience it was beneficial when I was in school to be taught about the topic. Being that my parents were not ones to ever have “the talk” with me and it gave me insight on a subject that I otherwise would never have fully understood. Having this additional knowledge allowed me to continue as any teen would, but with the additional information needed to approach the topic responsibly. Abstinence is a valuable model when it comes to teaching the topic; however it is hard to expect that every student would follow this. Especially when considering how much sex and sexuality are part of our everyday lives. Even with media

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