Sexual Education Is Important Today

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Sexuality plays a major role in everyone’s life, and it is a part of being human regardless of the gender, age, race, or religion. Everyone has their way of expressing their sexuality, either with thoughts and fantasy, or with their sexual partners. Sexuality could be controlled or ruled by the person’s desires, and whatever they fantasize is what fits their hidden personality. Also, religion and education could control their thoughts into disliking some acts of the sexual activities, like anal or oral sex, some religions or parents try to put them in the X zone; which make the person grow up with the attitude of forbidding those sexual acts or seeing them as unacceptable in religious and psychological perspectives. Education is something important to everyone in their lifetime, sexual education is important today because it teaches an important topic of sexuality. Due to all the sexual illnesses that invaded the world even in the Middle East, considered as a province environment. Alfred Kinsey started the sexual education when he founded the Institute for Sex Research, in 1947 in Indiana University. Even though sex wasn’t a common subject at that time, he was brave enough to research and get the education that people needed for a better and healthy sexual life. Also, If I was Alfred Kinsey in this time period, I would need to explore the body image issues. Body image issue is when a woman looks in the mirror and all she sees are flaws. Most women
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