Sexual Education Should Be Taught At Public Schools

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There are many debates that occur in our society today. Some of the debates are viewed as being unnecessary. While others are looked at as more serious topics, one of the newest debates is whether or not sexual education should be taught to our youth of today in public schools. Sexual education should be taught to our youth in public schools. Many children aren’t being educated at home to, there is a lack of parent education, adolescents are becoming more sexually active at a younger age, and the number of teen pregnancy is at a lower level than in the past, but still at an alarming rate. An additional point would be parent education. Most don’t think about having the parents of our youth attend a sex education class as well. In this course, the parents would be taught how to educate their children and when. This may be an issue for some parents. If they were not properly educated themselves, how can they realistically educate their children? In today’s society, many children don’t get taught the good, the bad, and the ins and outs of sexual education. Sexual education is not limited to sexual intercourse as many may think. There is age appropriate education that is needed for children. Sexual education includes the anatomy of each sex, sexual intercourse, STD/STI’s, hormonal changes, and pregnancy. Sadly many children do not know the true anatomy of their bodies. Many children only know the slang terms used for their bodies and not the technical/medical terms. Some terms
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