Sexual Education Should Be Taught

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Sexual education has been prominent in the United States for many decades. It has been the backbone of teaching adolescents what comes from sex and what does not it dispels certain beliefs such as not being able to get pregnant for the first time. There are many views on whether or not sexual education should be taught in school. Some of those include that they are too young to know about such things and others conclude that anytime will be the appropriate time to teach children about safe sex. A large number of research has been done regarding the two different programs that are implemented in the United States, the AOUM, abstinence-only-until-marriage, and the EBIs, “evidence-based” interventions. I believe that evidence-based programs, also known as comprehensive sex-ed programs, should be offered in all schools because it will teach children how to have safe sex, reduce the spread of STI’s (sexually transmitted infections), prevent pregnancy, in addition to providing accurate information about the risks of sex.
There are a variety of reasons circulating why sexual education should be abstained from school. Many vocalize that it goes against their religion, specifically Christianity. Christians are taught to avoid having sex before marriage because anything before matrimony is seen as a sin as dictated by the Bible. There are programs called “abstinence-only”, where ideas that go accordingly to religious ideas are promoted. A few of of those ideals say that anything…
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