Sexual Education and Reproductive System

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Sexual education and an understanding of the body’s reproductive system is essential to understand at all stages of life in way that is most relevant and relatable to the appropriate age group. For an age group containing children 8 to 10 years, the important elements to focus on are the ones that center on informing the children of their body parts and the changes they will undergo in the upcoming years, introducing the male and female interaction necessary to create a child, emphasizing abstinence until an appropriate age, and taking care of any stigmas, questions, or misconceptions of puberty and sex that the children may have. Children at this age are beginning to develop certain levels of independence and therefore, it is crucial to teach them the process of this sexual education course. By guiding them through the information in a way that is supportive, versus authoritative, the children may feel more comfortable with learning and accepting the subject. The most important thing that should be covered when developing a sexual education program for children who are 8 to 10 years old is the anatomy of their sexual organs and explaining the changes their bodies will be undergoing within the next few years. Children in this age group are thought to be in a developmental stage where their social interactions are increasing in complexity, so it may be wise to separate the children into male and female groups when covering the anatomy of their sexual organs and the changes
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