Sexual Education in Public Schools

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Sexual education has long been a topic of debate among many different in our American society. The public schools system offers sexual education or sex ed to all students, and offer parents the option to exclude their children from these class rooms. Discussions to making these classes mandatory has drawn some positive supports and negative supports in the forum disputes of sex education topic. Due to the high number of teen pregnancies (As of 2012, the teen birth rate was 29 births per 1,000 teen girls (age 15-19), and there were 305,388 births to teen girls), Sex education should be made mandatory throughout the public and private school systems as a prevention measure. Sex education can be a preventable measure for the spread of diseases and early pregnancies. Parents are not teaching their children about the dangers of irresponsible sexual relations. Diseases have become deadlier nowadays than it was in the past. Many commonly know diseases have early warning signs that can be seen and treated before the disease is full blown and cause irreversible damages. The recognizable way to discover potential disease in a partner or become comfortable enough to talk about diseases are both functions of an expert. The high readiness level and the vast knowledge of our youths about disease, will decrease the potential hazardous results. Furthermore, implementing mandatory sex education in our schools systems limits or prevents teen pregnancy. Studies states that a well
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