Sexual Fidelity Is Part Of The Institution Of Marriage

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Sexual fidelity is part of the institution of marriage and any form of extramarital sex could often lead to the dissolution of marriage. This research provides an overview to identify cues on infidelity. This article also examines the relationship between people’s relative income contributions, a measure of household specialization and infidelity something that has received little regard (Munsch 2015). Any form of emotional or sexual intimacy with someone other than your spouse qualifies as infidelity. Although research on infidelity has been conducted for years it has produced varying results. In most studies the findings show that men are more likely to engage in infidelity. It also shows that a number of married couples are likely to engage in some sort of infidelity. In previous research it suggested that African Americans engaged in infidelity more than any other race (2015). Money also plays an intricate part in many marriages and the dissolution of marriages. Money and infidelity is one of the leading causes of disruption and the dissolution of many marriages. According to societal norms money is usually associated with infidelity. For economically dependent persons there is a higher chance on infidelity. Affairs are more common in today’s society and it is still morally wrong. Many married couples have broken their sacred promise of their vows “til death do us part.” Infidelity is the not the go- between for divorce, but it is more than likely the reason

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