Sexual Fluidity In The Media Essay

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My research will look at gender and sexual fluidity, analysing its portal in the Irish media. Due to the growing social change over the last two decades, a discourse analysis through time, looking at how sexuality is discussed through time it can be argued that people in Ireland now have the ability to talk more about sexuality and sexual identity.
This research will look at the writings of queer theorists such as Debbie Ging, whose reflections on Irish cinema can also be used to talk about the change in Irish media, this “New Ireland”, in which increased affluence and the decline of religion have created a new sexual landscape.’ This can be seen in recent stories in the Irish media such as the recent ‘coming-out’ of an RTÉ news reporter, which made headlines in September, “RTÉ news reporter Johnathan Clynch identifies as ‘gender fluid’, 2015”. The research methods used will be qualitative methods and will focus on analysing recent stories in the media relating to sexual or gender fluidity, all occurring within the last year.
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The media and recent laws relating to marriage equality reflect the fast changing attitudes in society towards a minority who were once criminalised and condoned.
This research aims to illustrate the growing acceptance of non-normative sexualities and gender identities by focusing on the media representation and looking at recent research into the topic of sexual fluidity. Some of the questions this research will focus on are;
Is there a gender difference in sexual fluidity?
Does sexual fluidity lead to increased minority stress? How is sexual and gender fluidity represented in the media?

I hope my research can inform people interested in sexual fluidity and contribute to the already available research in this
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