Sexual Harassment And Its Effect On Society

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Institutionalized sexism is a problem that is hard to get rid of because people usually believe it does not exist as much as it used to; this is not true. Sexual harassment in school is a common problem that we sometimes do not see only if we look closely. Different types of sexual harassment are experienced in schools, like rape but little did I know that sexual verbal abuse could also be considered as sexual abuse until it was stated by professor Penner in Lecture. According to Professor Penner, “sexual harassment is a power issue, most sexual harassment is to intimidate the other.” After realizing this, I noticed this was something I have experienced all my life and sadly still experiencing it in university. Some teachers do verbally judge female students based on their physical appearances, making students have psychological break down. Female students who experience this would start worrying about their appearances. If a girl is considered to be “too pretty” she may fear it would have an effect on her grade. In fact, she may have to lower her esteem in order to make others feel comfortable around her. On another hand a girl who is not considered “pretty” may also worry about her appearance. When she is going to class, she will feel the need to always look good or prettier than her normal self because of fear that she would be stared at or sexual rude comments may be made about her. I tend to worry about how I look before I leave for school, if I look curvy in my…
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