Sexual Harassment And The Human Resources Department At Your Company

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You are sitting at your desk at work. Your boss comes up behind you and starts rubbing your shoulders and telling you that you are doing good job at work. Your boss starts rubbing harder and saying inappropriate things. What do you do? You report the sexual harassment to the Human Resources Department at your company. Addressing Sexual Harassment is only one of the many things a Human Resource Manager does. Some other jobs of a human resource manager are to connect management with employees, advise managers on policies, recruit, interview, and select candidates to work for the company and handle issues like disciplinary procedures. To become a Human Resource Manager, you must receive a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources or Business…show more content…
Meanwhile, scholarly journals are written to share original research discovered by scholars in that academic field and intended for scholars and professionals in that specific field. Trade publications and scholarly journals both work to entertain, persuade or inform their audience. In the Trade Publication, “The Feminization of HR”, the author, Julie Cook Ramirez, informed the reader about Women in Human Resources. Rebecca Heller, the author of the Scholarly Journal, “Reexamining the Female Path to Leadership Positions in Business”, informed the audience about Women in the Workforce by conducting research. Cultural values and practices of Human Resources were represented through reading, writing, speaking, knowledge expectations, and rhetorical traditions. Also practices, expectations, and resources for women were touched on. Reading is a hobby for many, but not for all. In Human Resource Management, reading is not only suggested, it is required. Reading job applications, reading emails, reading performance reports and reading about ways to improve in the field are just a few ways that Human Resources involves reading. While interviewing my older Sister, Vinita Desai, who is in the Human Resource Management Master’s program at Purdue University, I learned a lot about reading and how important it is in Human Resource Management. Desai said, “There is so much more to Human Resources then just hiring
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