Sexual Harassment And The Workplace

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Sexual harassment affects the way we work, impacts the way we conduct ourselves in the place of business. Sexual harassment comes in many shapes and forms, and has lingering effects. While only being noticed in the workplace, sexual harassment occurs in every type of job. Many noted cases have influenced the workforce; and the way we operate together. Policies to deter this action have failed in-order to completely dissolve such actions. Sexual harassment occurs in every work environment, influences employees, and the work environment, and needs to have policies that are more stringent. The lingering effect of sexual harassment can have a negative impact for many years. The presence of sexual harassment has become more and more prevalent due to the impact of women joining the workforce. Women are expanding into every aspect of the workforce and are no longer only in the administrative, and hospitality areas.
The Meaning of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is an unwelcomed act, which comes in many forms. A physical form of sexual harassment is touching a man or women anywhere on their person without their expressed permission. A non-physical form may consist of looking at a person in a sexual nature sort of staring at them from head to toe or in areas of sexual nature. A verbal form is explaining or referring to a sexual situation in which they would place themselves in with another person. A non-verbal form would consist of making movements in a sexual nature towards

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