Sexual Harassment At Ghana And Tanzania

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Sexual harassment is a very delicate topic that is affecting globally for too many years all around the world. Sexual harassment is happening everywhere including our universities. There are a lot of different types of sexual harassment. We as people must be equity with everybody. We cannot abuse of others. Follow the law and respect others.
According to “L. Morley research in Ghana and Tanzania (Africa)” says that a lot of women’s students all around the world are reporting of sexual harassment every year. Teachers are taking advantages of women students. Teachers are offering good grades in exchange for sex. Undergraduate female students were victims of sexual harassment for their professors. Morley states that it is not easy born as a female since long time ago females are being discriminates or victims or harassment from men. “Being a girl costs sometimes... There are some things in which people can take advantage of you because you are a girl. There are corrupt staffs. Certain staffs like if you want help they say you have to do this or that, it is not your fault but he does that so that he can get you... get sex” (L. Morley). There is no excuse for sexual harassment. Professors or men in general take advantages of girls in universities saying that women student provoke men in purpose with sexy dresses, and the way of how they walk in front of them. They are a lot of rape cases just because this type of provocations. The truth is that a lot of college students
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