Sexual Harassment At The Workplace

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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
What cause sexual harassment in the workplace? Sexual harassment is defined as discrimination towards sex. It is unwanted verbal and/or physical contact between two human beings, however, in this case I would like to focus on the workplace (co-worker or supervisor).
Based on Civil Rights Act of 1991, there has been an increased amount of incentives for employer’s prohibition conducts of sexual harassment. How people perceive and evaluate sexual harassment has also been independently studied (O’Connor et al., 2004; York, 1989; Wiener et al., 1997, 2004). Although, scientists socially begun to question whether responses to sexual harassment claims may actually be influenced by a prior workplace
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Demonstration Moral Reasoning One of the most common acts in the workplace is an issue with sexual harassment. This type of behavior is insidious to tackle simply because there are victims that are more than likely put in a position where they may be scared of the consequences that may follow behind coming out about being harassed. With thoughts that it might damage their reputation. Morally, sexual harassment does not give anyone the “right” to act in such manner. This bad behavior and is frown upon. Yet, when fractionization lead to romance in the workplace all hell can break loose especially if things go sour. In the workplace, there should be anti-francization policy that covers all employer’s. Employers are there to accomplish a duty and not get caught up with issues such sexual harassment that can not only draw attention to the business, but also bring down morale for all others. It is unethical behavior that has a role of moral intensity. Kant, (cited in Hoffman & Frederick, 1995) argues that all mature persons have the capacity to reason, and these rules can be applied to everyone. Though, Kant stresses the importance of acting on principle and from a sense of duty (Shaw & Barry, 2000), typically an obligation (morally) to help guide the behavior. However, the EEOC of the U.S. (Interactive

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