Sexual Harassment Case

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During a private evaluation meeting with one of his female employees, Cheryl, David got up from his seated position behind his desk and leaned against the front of his desk immediately in front of Cheryl's chair. David indicated that he was not inclined to recommend Cheryl for the promotion she sought despite her good performance, but said that he might reconsider if she "took care of the kid." When Cheryl expressed confusion at what he meant, David gestured toward his crotch and complimented her on the shape of her lips, asking if she knew what "those kinds of lips are called." Horrified, Cheryl immediately pushed her chair back and ran out of his office. She reported the incident immediately to David's supervisor. Sexual harassment is expressly prohibited by Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act (Fossum 2008, 512). This type of "quid pro quo" sexual harassment by a supervisor of a subordinate leaves the company with little choice. The company could face serious liability for failing to take action in the event David ever repeated his conduct with another employee in the future. Pursuant to its "zero-tolerance" policy on sexual harassment (Fossum 2008, 512), the employer immediately fired David. Given the statutory basis of liability and the nature of the act, it is unlikely that David could keep…
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