Sexual Harassment Crooks

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The more I try to think if people do take sexual harassment too serious, the more I think they are not taking it serious enough. I believe that is someone feels like they are being harassed sexually, then we absolutely must take them 100% serious. According to Our Sexuality by Crooks and Baur, sexual harassment means, “Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature in the workplace or academic setting” (Crooks/Baur, 2014, 533). I don’t think we have gone too far in protecting individuals who make charges of sexual harassment. If someone is making someone feel uncomfortable, sexually, then we need to protect them. In fact, I think we are not protecting them enough. Women get cat…show more content…
Many people get mad when they hear about celebrity women being sexualized but when we sexualized celebrity men it’s “normal”. I don’t think it is because we don’t know if it makes them uncomfortable. We sometimes think that because they’re men, they must love being sexualized, but we don’t know how they feel. Sometimes when people met famous men, they offer them sexual favors and they celebrity has to play it off or else they would get bad media. There is a difference between flirting and harassment. When someone is flirting, they understand and respect when the person says no. Harassment is when they still insist after the person has said no. They don’t understand that no means no and they might think they’re playing hard to get. When someone’s body language seems closed and they seem uncomfortable, the one flirting sees this and walks away, someone who still is insisting is harassing. A flirter might also just comment on how they look and someone is harassing might common on their body and make inappropriate comments. Difficulties that I think people who file for sexual harassment charge face, that they are told they didn’t know the difference between flirting and…show more content…
They’re often asked if they were doing anything that looked as if they wanted it, maybe they way they were talking, walking, acting, “Were you acting flirty?”, even the way the dressed could possibly be the cause as to why they were harassed. That is victim
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