Sexual Harassment Deviant Workplace Behavior, Myths and Facts

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Sexual Harassment Deviant Workplace Behavior This paper will cover what sexual harassment is, the importance of studying it, the behavior itself and my take on the issue. Contents Devient Workplace Behaviour 2 Sexual Harassment Defined 2 Importance of studying the concept of sexual harassment 3 How this behaviour arises 3 How it impacts the individual, team and the organisation 4 Gaps, inconsistencies and myths in research 5 Gap/Myth 1 5 Gap/Myth 2 6 Gap/Myth 3 6 Gap/Myth 4 7 Gap/Myth 5 8 Gap/Myth 6 9 What Industrial Psychologists can do in order to prevent the occurrence or lessen the impact of the behaviour. 10 Flow Chart 10 My take on sexual harassment (do I agree or disagree?) 11 Devient Workplace Behaviour "This is behaviour that violates organisational norms." Typically organisations want to create and achieve an atmosphere of conformity and team work in order to achieve maximum productivity, output, and profit and create a healthy and vigorous corporate culture. In organisations of any size (SME's) deviance workplace behaviour can take place and can disrupt the efforts of managers and the organisations as a whole. Being a leader and a manager you should be aware of the indicators of workplace deviance, so that one can take preventive measures and put solutions in place if an action of workplace deviance were to happen. Common examples are: Sexual harassment Nepotism

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