Sexual Harassment Essay

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Sexual Harassment comes in many forms and weather spoken, verbal, written or the behavior itself, it makes the person uncomfortable and the end results is all same, Sexual Harassment is unwelcome and unwanted behavior. Sexual Harassment discrimination is illegal. It is the employer obligation to make sure their organization and employees have protection from discrimination. This paper will show that Jacksonville shipyard acted unethically by failing to protect one of their employees Lois Robinson. Jacksonville Shipyard was well aware that Ms. Robinson faced sexual harassment on a daily basis by her male co- workers. Once Lois complained to Management that she objected to the co-workers behaviors , instead of helping her they made…show more content…
Major Ethics Principles, Rules, and Values Jacksonville Shipyard attempted to apply the Rights Ethical theory because this theory allows the individuals to apply what they feel is right and infringe these rights upon others. Boatright (2009) pointed out, “One supervisor reported the company had no policy against the posting of pictures and claimed that the men had a constitutional right to do so” (p.28). Jacksonville Shipyard made no changes to their programs because they felt the male employees were within their rights; instead, they made poor attempts to accommodate Lois Robinson. Employees have a right to not be offended or be offended but employees does not have the right to have those choices taking away by their employer. Stakeholder Analysis
The primary stakeholder of Jacksonville Shipyard are the stockholders and the owners because they have invested in the organization for profit and not lost.They may lose federal contracts and funding for not complying with the Affirmative Action policies.
The secondary stakeholders are the employees who have could cost the organization mega dollars because of the behaviors that encourage

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