Sexual Harassment In Sport

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Sexual harassment has always been a problem whether it be in the workplace, sports teams, in the military, at a school, or in public places like the subway, at the store, or in a restaurant. It has become an even larger problem in the workplace than anywhere else because it makes it hard for some to work whether they are the one being harassed or even if they are an innocent bystander. Yes in most cases it can be as simple as just telling the person to stop but in other cases doing so may cause them to get upset about it because they are being turned down become more aggressive. This aggression may be verbal but can also become physical and can lead to larger problems than just sexual harassment. In other cases the person being harassed is…show more content…
In a rape culture, the victims see a continuum of threatened violence that ranges from sexual remarks to sexual touching to rape itself. The more that behaviors on the continuum are allowed and promoted the more likely that a culture is created and maintained where sexual violence and rapes occur.Several studies have shown that sexual aggression and sexual violence are perpetrated more often by people who participate in sports teams. One explanation for the increase in sexual violence among athletes is that the sports culture often tolerates or promotes violence against others.One such culture that may be considered as promoting a rape culture is athletic teams. Many male athletes and coaches report that they use negative or derogatory words to talk about women. When male athletes are among other male athletes, they are more likely to use negative slang words regarding women. Often, the athletes and coaches use derogatory terms to be funny without understanding the…show more content…
I have personally witnessed this with my own eyes on many occasions. Many of theses times it was the newer JV kids coming up into high school football for the first time and that's where it starts. Most of the things that happen are just harmless joking around but sometimes it gets taken way too far and it can be considered as rape, One case that i read about a young man passed away after being brutally sexually assaulted with a broomstick for a freshman initiation on a football team. Some of the things that they use as hazing for theses sports teams can be completely harmless and don't need to have anything done about them like drinking games, making them shave each other or compete in stupid little games but when it takes a turn to beating them or raping them and causing physical and emotional harm that is where someone needs to step in. In these cases nobody speaks up even though they know about it. A small percentage of the coaches, teachers, professors and school officials actually sa1y anything and speak out against these acts because even with something small i could bring the season to an end and cause some to lose jobs and their education completely. In addition to sexual language and belief in rape myths creating a culture of sexual violence, athletic norms may contribute to such a culture. For example, male athletes are trained to be aggressive and tough while playing sports. Such
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