Sexual Harassment

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Sexual harassment Sexual harassment in a healthcare workplace is a very important topic to discuss even though it is often swept under the rug. Even with all law, literature and discussions on sexual harassment, people still remain confused about what exactly constitutes sexual harassment. Therefore knowing what sexual harassment entails and looks like is a crucial step in the prevention of it from taking place. Sexual harassment is a form of gender discrimination; it can therefore be defined as advances that are unwelcome, requests for sexual favors and other forms of verbal and physical conduct that have a sexual connotations (Berlin, 2012). This conducts become sexual harassment when they the submission of such conduct are made either explicitly or implicitly as a term or condition for the employment of the individual in the workplace. It can also considered sexual harassment when the submission to or even the rejection of this conducts by a person forms the basis for the decision to be made on the employment of these people. Finally it is also considered sexual harassment when such conduct has the purpose or effect of interfering with an individual's work performance substantially or the creation of an environment in the workplace that is hostile, intimidating or even offensive. Therefore sexual harassment in the healthcare workplace involves two general aspects. The first aspect revolves around the quid-pro-quo or otherwise referred to as a this-for-that

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