Essay on Sexual Harassment in America

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According to Webster’s online dictionary, it is believed that the phrase “sexual harassment” was coined at Cornell University in 1974 ("Sexual harassment," 2011). The phrase wasn’t, however, really used in common language until the testimony of Anita Hill against Clarence Thomas in 1991. Sexual harassment can take many different shapes and forms. According to a Fox News article, the sexual harassment claims made by men have increased twofold in the last twenty years ("Sexual harassment claims," 2010). Because sexual harassment is illegal both on a federal and state level in many states, there are steps that an individual and employer should take to prevent sexual harassment. On June 19, 1963, President John F. Kennedy sent…show more content…
When someone hears the term “sexual harassment,” they usually picture a woman being victimized by her male boss. This opinion shows that there really are many misconceptions about sexual harassment. The victim of a sexual harassment situation does not have to be a woman while the aggressor does not have to be a man either. The perpetrator can indeed be a direct boss of the victim but they can also be a supervisor from another area, an agent of the employer, a co-worker or even someone who does not even work for the company. Anyone who is affected by an offensive action can be the victim of sexual harassment and these actions do not need to be of a sexual nature. Sexual harassment, including offensive remarks, has never defined as being made by someone of the opposite sex; rather, it covers harassment that comes from both same and different sexes. When a sexual harassment case is presented to the EEOC, they do not have a predetermine action plan for incidents. The

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