Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Essay

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Sexual harassment in the workplace is a huge problem in recent history. It can happen to anyone and it can happen everywhere. It can affect all types of races, gender and age. Statistics today shows that more and more sexual harassment has become an issue due to the large number of cases presented. Mainstream media becomes consume covering sexual harassment because of the high profile cases. Sexual harassment becomes a topic on various TV shows, and on some major morning radio talk shows mostly everyday. Sexual harassment laws must be strengthened in order to fix what has become a serious problem today in the workplace.
.What does sexual harassment really means? Many people cannot define the exactly sexual harassment means. According
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In some incidents some of the sexual harassment incidents are under reported because some of the victims are being threatened. Victims are too afraid to come forward.
Moreover, in a school environment students are pressed in doing a favor to their teacher against their will in order to manipulate their grades. Female workers are asked to do favors in return to advance with their career. Discriminatory acts are often cause by men in powerful positions, which is also known as sexual harassment. Student’s objectives should go to school to pass their courses. Employee should go to work to perform their job responsibilities. If everything works according to plan, it should be okay. However, this is not the case to some situation, there are more and more people becoming a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, schools, and churches. It is outrageous to hear that there are people out there used their power to sexually harass individual to take advantages of weakness of another person. The typical victims are usually female employees and female students.
Consequently in sexual harassment there is always has to be a victim. When it happens at school, it is typically a teacher harassing a student. In the workplace environment, the person with authority usually the one who harassed employee. Generally, women are the victim of this horrendous crime because in a workplace harassment can be sign of control and authority by the harasser that
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