Sexual Health Between You And Your Spouse

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Sexual Health Questionnaire Do you view your spouse as a gift from God and see yourself as God’s agent for building him or her up to become everything He desires? (Chapman, 2004) How much time do you currently spend together as a couple? Describe communication between you and your spouse. How would you describe the sexual health between you and your spouse? How satisfied are you with your sex life? How frequently do you have sex? How often do you and your spouse discuss your sexual relationship? Do you intentionally try to meet the needs of your spouse? Describe the way you express love and affection to your spouse. What would you like to change about your sex life? When working with couples who are experiencing sexual health and intimacy problems, the above questionnaire is intended to gather information from each spouse to gain insight on their attitudes and expectations. Sex is about more than just what happens in the bedroom, and it is important to determine the amount of time the couple spends together and the quality of their communication. “Sexual intimacy between a man and a woman should be the culmination and expression of the intimacy they share in all areas of their life together. For sex to be what it is capable of being, it must be an act of loving and sharing, of giving to each other” (Leman, 2006). By initially asking if they view their spouse as a gift from God, and if they view themselves as God’s agent for building him or her up to become everything He
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