Sexual Health Research Paper

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According to Peate (2012) “the incidence of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are highest among people under the age of 25 years, however community nurses must be aware that older men and women are also at risk. Sexual health promotion has been the focus of a number of key government publications in recent years. Sexuality in the older population are usually of humor however, there is a growing realization that sexual activity is not restricted to young people, and that education in sexual health is concern in the older population. There are a number of factors that put the older person at greater risk of sexually transmitted illness’s than the younger population. Sexual health and relationships where sexually transmitted infections can have a negative outcome in individuals at risk may impact the overall person’s health, cost of healthcare, and wellbeing. In 2009 the statistics in the UK, in the over 45 age group included 5356 people with genital warts, 3025 with genital herpes and over 1225 with gonorrhea; by the end of 2010, an estimated 91500 people in the UK were living with HIV. The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain completed a survey of 2258…show more content…
“A further 20% believed that their chances of picking up an infection were next to nothing in these circumstances. A quarter of the people surveyed, said they did not use contraception as they trusted the person they were sleeping with not to have an STI, while one in ten reported they did not like the feeling of condoms. Sexual orientation can also influence an individual’s sexual health”. It was also noted that men who have sex with men have relatively high rates of HIV, and that women who have sex with women have sexual health needs that are not being met that can lead to riskier sexual
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