Sexual Identity And Adolescent Development

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Acquiring a sexual identity is very important and critical to the development of adolescents. While neither sexual or gender identity has anything to do with an individuals’ physical anatomy itself, both have separate, individual meanings. According to, gender identity is a reflection and realization of “one’s internal sense of self as male, female, both or neither”. On the other hand, in regards to sexual identity and adolescents, this involves figuring out whom they find themselves sexually or romantically attracted to. In his article on, titled “What Is ‘Sexual Identity’? Is It The Same As Sexual Orientation?”, Dr. Eric Grollman defines sexual identity as “the label that people adopt to signify to others who they are as a sexual being, particularly regarding sexual orientation” (2010). This paper will discuss the topic of sexual identity in adolescent development, along with how that aspect of development extends and pertains to non-majority adolescents in the United States as well. Aerika Brittian uses the developmental systems perspective to study and further learn more the identity of African American adolescents. The developmental systems theoretical (DTS) model states that an individual is a part of a ‘multilevel ecology of human development’. The individual and their environment have a complex relationship that is linked to elements of biological, psychological, cultural, historical, and social components (Brittian,…
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