Sexual Identity

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Personal Response on Sexuality Identity PSY/265 August 26, 2012 William Noffsinger Personal Response on Sexuality Identity My own value systems and my sexual standards have been influenced by many sources. My parents, religion, peers, subculture, and appraisal from influences have all combined to influence my own value system. Prior to taking this class, I used the legalism approach to form all my values on sexual experiences. Growing up, I was taught that sex before marriage was wrong. As I grew into a young adult, I used the situational ethics approach, and I still do today. The approach that formulates a value system based on moral law is the legalism approach (Rathus, Nevid, and Fichner-Rathus, 2005). However, the…show more content…
However, Christians still practice and believe according to the laws of the Old Testament. Most of the churches that practice according to the teachings of the Old Testament do not accept homosexuals and do not have homosexual members. If homosexuals are members of the church it fair to say they do not know. If society believed in the teachings of the Book of Leviticus, homosexuals would have a hard time adjusting to the rules of society. This perspective would make it more difficult to admit to the homosexual lifestyle. The historical perspective on homosexuality has had no influence or bearing on my own sexual orientation. I have never considered myself nothing more than heterosexual. Although I find it interesting to read and research the historical perspectives of homosexuality, I do not let this influence my own views. I have always believed that everyone should be free to make their own decisions, including who they love, regardless of gender. Also, cross-cultural perspectives have had no influence on my sexual identity throughout my life. Growing up, I was taught that men should be with women, not men with men or women with women. However, I never viewed the acts as being unnatural; I just never believed the lifestyle was for me. Cross-species perspectives never had influence on my lifestyle either. Although most animals engage in “homosexual” behavior, I do not believe it influenced how I made sexual decisions. Although many humans use sex techniques
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