Sexual Identity

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SEXUALITY Proffering an acceptable answer to the question about sexual identity makes more sense by defining and explaining what exactly sexuality is. It is broadly defined as the summation of a person's sexual interests, behaviors and tendencies. It is can also be defined as one's responsiveness to sexual attractions. These sexual behaviors may live with such person through out such person's lifetime. Moreover, some commentators have defined it as the summation of one's feelings about the person's femininity or masculinity with the consciousness of one's self image in relation to interacting with others. Sexuality has a direct relation with the way one feels. Few of the determinants for sexuality are genetic factors, parental influence, influence of siblings and friends, societal influence and particularly how one feels about oneself. Before this course, the value system that contributed to identify my sexual decision making can be viewed in more detail if all factors are considered. With regards to acceptance of my gender, there is no deep-seated grudge as to that. The gender is decided for one at conception and it is either accepted or not. It is not too uncommon that some people do not accept their gender and thus go a long way at changing it. However, it is my decision to accept my gender and live in harmony with it. While relating with the opposite sex conversationally, I am to keep everything within enclosed boundaries. By that it means that every conversation
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