Sexual Injustice In The United States

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In accordance to the text rape is the act of forcefully having sexual intercourse without consent (Crooks and Baur 508). It is known that rape in some states is considered and described differently. It is a known fact that most rapes are done by a family member. Yet not many people will report the crime. Women ages 16 to 24 are the most frequent victims of reported rape in the United States (Crooks and Baur 513). In California, the Affirmative Consent Bill address that you voluntarily consent to any type of sexual activity. In other words, both persons mutually agree to sexual intimacy. The following developed essay will elaborate more on rape and sexual consent.
Generally, it is more likely that a woman will report a rape rather than a male.
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Having sex with a partner realistically speaking will not include a consent form from both. It is better to be sober and not under the influence of substance that might jeopardize the intimacy or relationship. Agree to terms verbally. If one of the persons isn’t ready to have sex, then the other partner needs to be understanding. Communication is important towards the relationship and sexual intimacy. Through communication both can agree or disagree on sexual pleasures.
Protecting ourselves from being rape victims is easy. Do not be out late alone specially in dark public areas away from ongoing traffic. If you are going to be out late have a companion with you. Do not consume alcoholic beverages or substance which can alter your state of mind. Take personal defense classes where you can defend yourself from a person. Do not wear clothing that might be appealing to rapist.
In conclusion, anyone who is a victim of rape shall report it to the authority. You don’t necessarily have to be a woman to report the crime. Many men are also victims of rape and shall too speak up. Having sexual activity with a person shall always require consent from both. If a person is not willing to go to the next level with their partner they have every right to speak up. Essentially, every state has its own laws regarding rape it is necessary to always be informed about the
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