Sexual Love And The Freedom And Happiness Shared By Two Lovers

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The Song portrays the virtue of sexual love and the freedom and happiness shared by two lovers. The Song speaks of a sexual love between man and woman who stands equally before each other in the privacy of their intimacy with no consciousness of the hierarchies of their public world. Equal standing in its most encompassing meaning—neither one is superior nor inferior, but equally ready to initiate and invite, equally desiring and eager to please and be pleased, both transparent about fantasies and pleasures received, equally vocal to endear and arouse, same sense of wholeness and brokenness, of shamelessness and abandon. Passion is matched with passion; longings are returned with the same intensity--no holding back and no concern for anything except to ravish each other, both take pleasure, and absorbed in each other in their own Eden. Thus, sex is honorable, pleasurable, and paradisal. The Song is devoid of any “patriarchal” mindset; the woman exhibits a consciousness of being highly valued. If she’s in a patriarchal society, then she has learned to be counter –cultural, just as the Hebrew Bible is counter-cultural with ANE and other ancient literature. She neither sees herself oppressed nor in a subordinate position. She values her sensuality and sexuality and sees herself as good as anyone else, even if her “patriarchal” world refuses to offer equal opportunity for her kind. Or perhaps she truly lives in a heterarchical culture? She does not strive to be equal with men…
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