Sexual Minorities

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Sexual Minorities

Tiffin University
Angela Hofacker
February 25, 2013

Instructor Nancy Golinski
SOC360 Multicultural Issues in Society

When thinking of the different minorities, the one minority that is sometimes not acknowledged as a minority is sexual minorities. These types of minorities can include those who are gay, lesbian, and even bisexual. For purposes of referring to sexual minorities, gays as a reference will be the primary focus. Sexual orientation has been deemed a hot and emotional topic. It can be controversial for many reasons but primarily because it affects so many on the emotional side. Sexual minorities are an established minority because of the discrimination, harassment, and hate crimes they have endured.
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This then leads to a certain way of thinking that sexual minorities only want to party and meet other gays and or lesbians and have brief sexual encounters; this is a misconception. “For many people, sexual orientation is just one part of their identity and is not the overriding factor that defines their entire identity” states the Sinclair Institute (2012, p. 2). Every person lives life how they see and feel fit to live their lives. Their sexual orientation does not implicate that their lifestyle is only a particular way.
Other barrier’s to the gay culture is gender identification. One of the basic problems that sexual minorities encounter is their gender identity or expression. This means “a person’s internal sense of gender, as well as how a person behaves, appears, or presents with regard to societal expectations of that person” (Bell, 2012, p. 355). Many times a person from a sexual minority faces their own internal challenges along with the discrimination that they face from others. These two issues alone can cause total chaos in the gay or lesbian’s life as well as affecting their friends and family.
Another barrier faced by the gay community is homophobia, which is the fear of gays by heterosexuals. Gay people in the military face this problem all the time. With the military employing more than 1.4 million people, there is a very wide
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